2023 NYC Marathon - Client Portal

Last updated February 16, 2023

The most recent and important updates, if any, will be listed here.  Everything else will be listed below.

Although much of the information below is based on 2022 and may change for 2023, it’s unlikely that there will be major changes. If there are, however, they will be listed in this section and highlighted in red.

Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K
The minimum age to run this event is 8. All runners, child or adult, must bring government issued ID to pick up their bib.

It is up to each person to ensure they meet all travel requirements, including but not limited to vaccine status, passport validity, etc.

Currently masks are optional. As this may change, watch this page for updates.

Your booking details are listed on your deposit invoice that was just sent out. If there are any errors, please let us know.

To ensure you don’t have to move rooms or hotels, please request your additional nights as soon as possible. Hotels will sell out!

Each runner must pick up their own bib at the race expo using their Confirmation Form and either their driver’s license or their passport.  There is no race day bib collection.

Click here for more information on the Confirmation Forms.

These are required to pick up your bib from the expo and will be available to download in October in your account at www.nyrr.org.  Your confirmation form includes your race number pickup date and time, start corral, wave start, race (bib) number, and other information.

In 2022 everyone had to choose a time that they wanted to go to the race expo to collect their marathon and/or their 5K bib/materials.  This may not be the case in 2023.  Click here for more details.


Everyone will have the opportunity to choose their preferred transportation method to the start area around August of 2023. The three options will be:
1 – bus from Bryant Park (most selected).  Buses go straight to the start area and take around 45 minutes.
2 – East 34th Street Ferry (most preferred in 2022). You’ll need to take both a ferry and then a bus, but all will be set up by the NYRR.
3 – Staten Island Ferry (I do not recommend this option). You’ll need to take both a ferry and then a bus. In past years there has been a serious bottleneck after the ferry causing delays.

Each runner will be responsible for getting to their preferred choice on their own. All hotels are walking distances to the buses (2 – 15 minutes, depending on your hotel) and East 34th Street Ferry, although the ferry is much further away (30-40 minutes).

Keep in mind that it can take between 45 -90 minutes for you to arrive and get through security, depending on whether you’re traveling by bus or ferry. Note that times may vary depending on what time you depart, queue’s, etc so this is a rough estimate.  Once you arrive you can expect to take another hour to find your Staging Area and coral, find and use the port-o-potties assuming there are no lines. If there are, expect another 10 – 20 minutes.

Anyone who purchases a 5K bib from me or directly through the NYRR need to pick up their bibs at the Javits Center on Thursday or Friday.  Please click here for more information.  If you are arriving late in the afternoon on Friday, you’ll need someone else to pick up your bib.

*Minimum age to run this event is 8. All runners, child or adult, must bring government issued ID to pick up their bib.

Runners that want to pre-check a bag need to do so at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park Friday or Saturday. Please click here for more information.

The race expo will be at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center.
Where: 11th Avenue at West 36th Street
When:   Thursday Nov 2 from 10AM – 8 PM
Friday Nov 3 from 10AM – 8PM
Saturday Nov 4 from 9AM – 5PM

Click here for more information on the expo.

Everyone should be aware of the security measures that will be in place for the marathon as well as prohibited items. An example is that no one is permitted to bring bags to the start areas.

Click here for more information.

I will send everyone my cell number a week prior to the marathon. This is ONLY for emergency contact.

Offline Maps
Consider downloading an offline map of New York so that you are able to search for directions upon arrival, even if you don’t have WiFi.  Services like Google Maps works well for offline maps.

Getting to Manhattan from a JFK, LGA or EWR Airport
All three airports servicing NYC offer train service and/or shuttle bus service. You can purchase shuttle bus tickets immediately after collecting your baggage from the carrousel.

Click here for more information for those traveling into LaGuardia (LGA).
Click here for more information for those traveling into JFK.
Click here for more information for those traveling into Newark (EWR).

The Hotels
Fairfield Inn Central Park 538 W 58th Street
Renaissance Times Square Two Times Square (7th Ave at W48th Street)
Fairfield Inn Times Square 330 W 40th Street
Omni Berkshire Place 21 E 52nd Street

Checking in to Your Hotel
As this is a group booking, no booking number/reference is required. Simply check in by name, with ID and with a credit card for incidentals.

Daylight Savings
Remember that the clocks fall back one hour on Sunday November 5 at 2AM.  That means one extra hour of sleep before the marathon!

Meet and Greet
When:   3PM – 6PM on Friday, November 3rd.
Where: Fairfield Inn Central Park 538 W 58th Street, below the lobby.
Who:    Those who RSVP prior to July 29, 2023. (I’ll request this from you later)
Why:     Casual get together, meet up.
What:    There will be snacks and coffee, tea and water.

Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K
When:   8:45AM on Saturday, November 4th
Where: UN building 405 E 42nd Street
Who:     Only those that purchased an entry from me or from the NYRR
Click here for the course map

Click here for more information on this event

*Minimum age to run this event is 8. All runners, child or adult, must bring government issued ID to pick up their bib.

Getting to the Marathon Start
Take your assigned transportation at your assigned time to the start of the 2023 TCS New York City Marathon.  As there are 3 departure points and multiple departure times per departure point, each runner is responsible for getting to their assigned transportation on their own.
Marathon Start/Staying Warm
Each Staging Area will be the same and will include port-o-potties, coffee and some tents. If the weather turns cold, however, there will not be enough room for 50,000+ people to have shelter.  That said, it is recommended that you bring disposable clothing to toss before you start the marathon. Discarded clothing will be collected and given to the homeless.
Running with Someone Else
If you and your running partner(s) have been separated by waves or corrals, you may still run together by moving backwards to the highest wave and corral within your group.  You may not move forward in the corrals or waves and note that this is highly policed at the start area.
Getting Back to your Hotel 
The hotels are all walking distance from the finish line. Otherwise, take public transportation or a taxi/Uber but note that these will all be very busy.
Marathon Monday and Marathon Tuesday
When: Monday Nov 6 and Tuesday Nov 7
Where: NYC Marathon Pavilion by Tavern on the Green, Central Park
Who:     Anyone and everyone
Why:     Get your medal engraved, take some finish line photos or buy some last minute marathon gear at discounted prices!
Click here for more information

When the buses drop you off, follow the line of runners to the Start Villages. You may be scanned with a wand and your bag will be searched by security before being allowed into the Start Village / Staging Areas. The only bag that you will be allowed to bring into the Staging areas are the clear plastic ones
that will be issued to you at the expo.

Your Start Village color is listed on your Registration Form and race bib (ie: Village Blue, Orange Wave 3 Corral E) .

Once you determine where you should be in the Start Village, you can take some time to eat, use the washrooms, drop your bag (if applicable), or just sit and relax. Each Start Village has the same setup.

As there will be 55,000+ runners and to alleviate the strain of having everyone start at the same time, the TCS New York City Marathon will be run in waves.

You will each be assigned a Wave Start based on your estimated completion time. Wave Starts will be separated by about 25 minutes.

If you are wanting to run with someone else but are listed in different corrals, wave starts or Start Villages you may still run with them by moving into the higher corral between you and your friends. For example, if you’re in corral D and your friend is in corral K, you can move to corral K but they can’t move to corral D. And if you’re in wave 1 and your friend is in wave 4, you can move back to wave 4 but they can’t move up to wave 1.

Do NOT email/phone the NYRR and request a wave or corral change. If it’s absolutely necessary to have this changed (you are a sub 3 hour runner and are seated in the last wave, for example), ask at the Runner’s Help Desk/Solution Desk at the expo. If you want to run with a friend, see above. You do not need to change waves or corrals for this.

Unless text your location, it will be very difficult to find someone at the Start Area so it is highly recommended you travel together.  Set this up before you indicate what form of transportation and time you wish to choose.

Click here for more information on Staging / Start Villages, as well as a map.

Click here for extensive information on the race course, as well as a map.

Click here for extensive information regarding the finish area, including where to go if you’ve chosen either the baggage option or the poncho (no baggage option), and information regarding the Family Reunion area.

Are you interested in having New Yorkers personalize your run? Write your name on your race shirt (or masking tape) in large letters across your chest and people will call out to you and encourage you as you run!

Restaurant Row – W46th Street between 8 and 9th Avenue. 
Best NY cheesecake – Juniors. Multiple locations.
Best Bakery – Magnolia, famous for their banana pudding.  Multiple locations.
Great shopping – Century 21 department store (there is a giant one located at 22 Cortlandt Street) or down at Canal Street
High end shopping – 5th Avenue between 39th and 60th Street

There are many great spots to watch the marathon, but the liveliest would be along 5th Avenue or  near the finish line. Grand stand seat tickets will be available at www.nyrr.org or you can watch for free about 300m shy of the finish line in Central Park.

There will be a Friends and Family gathering area for runners after runners exit the park.  More information can be found here

Each hotel is walking distance from the finish area, however, you may take public transportation if you want, but there is no group transportation.