Inspiring Runners

Stories of Inspiration from Our Amazing Clients!

Kerry Zub started running with Dream Travel all the way back in 2011, and immediately we took a liking to her!

She’s outgoing, an amazing people person, very approachable and one heck of a great runner! She ended up helping us out on location and has been doing so off and on ever since.

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DTC – When and why did you get into running?
KZ    – I have always been known as a runner, I was always that kid that got yelled at to slow down or quit running ALWAYS! On my recent 8 day stay at the hospital over 1/2 the doctors employed there stopped in to see me and couldn’t believe it as I’m the runner and super healthy.  I was on a NCAA running scholarship at UWS- for sprinting but when I was young I enjoyed the long run & after my son was born I found that passion for the long run again.
DTC – How many races have you run?
KZ    – I’ve lost track of all the runs I have done… (but I’ve run) 3 world majors(New York, Berlin & Chicago) and I have been attending Grandma’s marathon since 2011.
DTC – Why is running so important to you?
KZ    – Running has always been my safe spot and it’s funny I always said past 20 miles my stomach would flip flop…well it literally was – I had a “lazy intestine” and because of that I ended up in emergency surgery last month where they removed 1/3 of my large intestine & my appendix.
After I lost my father in 2022, I started having panic attacks during my runs; I knew my father would have wanted me to continue to run-he was VERY proud of my accomplishments & loved to hear about my running friends & adventures. He survived with MS until he was 77 years old & my son & I care-gave him the last 13 years of his life.
DTC –  What’s your why?
KZ    – I don’t have a why, I’m more of a why not? 🤷🏼‍♀️😂
DTC – Who inspires you?
KZ    – My father, my son inspire me. My dad lived with MS & NEVER complained a day in his life. Kara Groucher is an inspiring person to me being from Duluth, MN – she’s an amazing mother & runner.
DTC – Do you have a favorite distance?
KZ    – I love the full – but I’ve run a few 15-17 miles and I find that an easy run 🤣 things tend to fall apart around the 22 mile marker (lose toenails, cramping, stomach flip-flopping)
DTC – Do you have a favorite race?
KZ    – The majors are amazing…but Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth is so special to me…it feels like home to me. I always go back to Grandmas.

DTC – What’s your biggest running achievement??
KZ    – My biggest achievement is one I shared with my son, he took up running at 13 and he’s run 2 half marathons and we ran last year in Duluth together; it was so special to run with my boy! He’ll be running his 3rd time this June; sadly I’m unable to run but I’ll be there cheering him along!
DTC – What’s the biggest piece of advice you can offer other runners?
KZ    – Advise – keep toenails short, lube up to prevent chafing, train hydrating with what’s offered on the course & being from Northwestern Ontario it gets COLD here, make sure your body warms up before you hop in the shower- I ended up with flu like symptoms by going right from the cold to the shower.
DTC – Do you have any race day superstitions or habits?
KZ    – Stephen – do I have habits or superstitions? Lmao I love my beer in the shower after🤣.
DTC – You just got out of the hospital and you’re already talking about running again. So…?
KZ    – I love to run…it’s killing me not running right now, I’m going to try 1 mile on the TM today…3weeks post op; my son can’t handle the excess energy I always have🤣.