Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

We get it, no one likes to read that their package is non-refundable. However, we have to say that to protect our business as all of the races and hotels we work with have that very line in our contracts with them: non-refundable.

This is because we work with group bookings which are very different than individual bookings, and the races and hotels hold us to this very strict cancellation policy. Due to their tight terms, we need to have tight terms as well when it comes to client cancellations. That all said, we hate tight terms and prefer flexibility. So, in our opinion, here are the best “non-refundable” terms and conditions for any of our events:

Although the races and hotels do not offer cancellation, deferral or postponing, you may cancel your package for a credit, but only if we are able to resell your entry package and only if it’s prior to registration closing. Each event has a different registration closing date, but we will list that on the race’s webpage.

If you cancel and we can resell your package, the following fees will apply:
15% of your payment amounts if cancelling 120 or more days prior to registration closing
25% of your payment amounts if cancelling between 14 and 119 days prior to registration closing
50% of your payment amounts if cancelling 13 days or less prior to registration closing
100% of your deposit and payment amounts if cancelling after registration closes or at any time if we’re unable to resell your package.

These fees cover our bank fees (credit card fees, wire fees) and the fees levied by the races to change names/sub a runner out and other charges we incur.

The difference between what you paid and the fee listed above will be held as a credit for you for 24 months from the time you made your last payment for your package. Credits may only be used for events listed on our website.

Still not 100% happy? OK, we appreciate that not everyone will want a credit or will be able to use it within 24 months. So if you request a refund instead of a credit, we’ll give you your money back (assuming we can resell your package), less the percentage fee above, but we’ll levy an additional charge to cover our hours working on your package. We think that’s very fair, especially considering our packages are “non-refundable” and no one likes to work for free.

If you want even better cancellation coverage, we highly recommend you purchase cancellation insurance at the time of purchase. Be sure to read their terms and conditions (hint: it won’t be near as good as ours!).