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Marathon du Medoc with Dream Travel!

Do you like wine? Do you like running?  Well, why don’t you mix the two in beautiful France and run the Marathon du Medoc? Run through the vineyards of Bordeaux while stopping 23 times for wine (or fewer if you’re a novice), cheese, foie gras, oysters and more while dressed up?  Yes, there will be water at the “aid” stations as well for all the rookies out there. And yes, that’s right, not only do you have to run and drink wine, but you must do so while dressed up. Yes, “must”, it’s compulsory.  You’re not running this race for speed; you’re running this race to see what you’re really made of!

The theme of the 38th running of the Marathon du Medoc is Make Your Games!

Time to start “training”.  You know what that means: Time to find your favorite wine opener!

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This marathon takes place on Saturday, September 7th so that you can recover on Sunday.

This marathon is only open to runners and there is a 6 hour, 30 minute cutoff time.

Walkers may participate in the Sunday Walk & Lunch which will be between 8 and 9KM and will take place in the vineyards and will also include wine tastings!

The 2024 event’s theme is Make Your Games and dressing up is compulsory.

All runners must have been born prior to September 6, 2004 to participate in this event.

All runners must have their doctor fill out a medical certificate indicating that they are fit to run this event (standard race practice in France)


  • Anyone who is not afraid of wine and running. Or running while dressed up and drinking wine.
  • After familiarizing yourself with the packages, you may register by clicking on this link.
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  • $250 – All runners need to place this initial deposit plus the Running Room processing fee at the time of registration.
  • BALANCE – The balance of your package must be paid no later than June 14th, 2024.
  • All payments will be collected in CAD and converted to Euro at the time of payment.

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  • Guaranteed race entry
  • 2, 3 or 4 nights hotel at the Campanile Bordeaux Centre Gare
  • Wine, snacks and more wine on Race Day
  • Taxes and Fees
  • Transportation to the race
  • Flights, airport transfers
  • Meals, beverages (other than the included wine on race day)
  • Insurance
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Hangover meds


  • Prices are in Euros, but we will collect CAD from you and convert it.
  • The price for One Runner + One Spectator is the total for both people.
  • The price for Two Runners Sharing is per person.
  • Packages include daily breakfast, race entry and transfers to the race on Saturday.

As the Marathon du Medoc does not refund or defer guaranteed entries, our policy is as follows: If we can resell your package, the following fees will apply:

  • 15% of your payment amounts if cancelling 120 days or more prior to registration closing.
  • 25% of your payment amounts if cancelling between 7 and 119 days prior to registration closing.
  • 50% of your payment amounts if cancelling 6 days or less prior to registration closing.
  • 100% of your deposit and payment amounts if cancelling after registration closes or at any time if we’re unable to resell your package.

The difference between what you paid, and the fee listed above will be held as a credit for you for 24 months from the time you made your last payment for this particular package. Credits may only be used for events listed on our website.


Each year we have many people cancel due to unforeseen circumstances who did not purchase our travel insurance meaning they end up losing a portion or all of their package amount.  Under no circumstances does the event permit postponing your marathon if you need to cancel, so protect yourself and your money by purchasing travel insurance through ManuLife.
With our insurance you will be able to cancel for insurable reasons as well as running injuries while training and we also sell a Cancel For Any Reason policy (insurance must be purchased within 48 hours of your initial payment or deposit).  We offer various other insurance packages including Cancellation, Interruption, Medical and Baggage. For full details on coverage, please click here: Manulife Financial.

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1 – Get yourself to Bordeaux

2 – Get yourself more of that tasty “training liquid”.

3 – THURSDAY – Your race kit will arrive at your hotel

4 – FRIDAY – Remember to stay “hydrated”

5 – SATURDAY – This is Race Day

6 – SUNDAY – Participate in the Walk & Lunch or nurse yourself back to health!

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Are these prices in CAD or USD?
All prices for this event are listed in Euros but we’ll collect in CAD to save you bank fees.

Can I stay at another property?
We have a contract with the listed property, so you must use the hotel listed above during the package nights. Before or after, you may stay elsewhere.

Can I book additional nights at the same hotel?
Yes, assuming the hotel isn’t sold out, we can add additional nights to your stay.  Prices are listed above in the Pricing section.

What kind of weather can I expect on race day?
Typical weather in Bordeaux in September has an average low of 13 degrees Celsius and an average high of 24.

Can you help me find a same-sex roommate?
We can definitely try and find you a same-sex roommate, but we can’t guarantee it.  Let us know as early as possible for the best chances.  Please note that if you request a roommate, you can’t bring one with you.

Do you have triple or quadruple rates?
European hotels are smaller than North American hotels, therefore it’ll be two adults to a room.

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