Replacing Cubicle Walls for the Plains of the Serengeti

By Stephen Price 9 years ago
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It’s been about 12 years since I worked between the walls of a cubicle.  That small, cramped space didn’t feel overly restricted at the time because honestly it was the norm.

Today, however, my office space looks extremely different.  In fact, in and around 2007 I made a list of goals that I wanted to achieve in my life and top of that list was to live and work on a tropical beach within three years.  Two years later, I was doing just that in Costa Rica.  No more cubicle, no more punching a clock – I had freed myself of the norm.  Dream Travel, a small company that I started back in 2004, now became international!

Five years later my work space has also been on the Great Wall of China, the beaches of the Caribbean, a medieval castle in Europe, atop Machu Picchu and, on the breathtaking Serengeti of Tanzania to name a few.

Despite this major change in lifestyle, it’s still an incredible thrill for me to “work” in these exotic locations.

February of 2015 I’ll be returning to the enchanted land of Tanzania for a fifth time to escort Dream Travel’s Mt Kilimanjaro Hike, Tour and Safari.

Of all the incredible places I’ve had to “work”, Tanzania is the one of those locations that excites me most!  I’ve never met nicer people than those of Tanzania and I’ve never felt anything less than safe while exploring their country either with clients or on my own.

This trip of a lifetime includes five amazing days on the incredible Serengeti where we’ll encounter the Big Five (elephant, buffalo, rhino, lion and leopard) among hundreds of other animals and we’ll also follow the Great Wildebeest and Zebra Migration.

Imagine riding in a topless Jeep as the vast plains of the Serengeti fold out in front of you.  Just a few meters away, a herd of giraffe slowly walk by, nibbling from the occasional acacia tree.  Off a bit to one side, a pride of lions takes shelter in the shade of a tree, watching the giraffe carefully.  Off in another direction, elephants saunter along looking for water.

These sights are amazing and it’s almost impossible to believe you are there, but then as we continue on, you start to see the Migration.  As we drive into it, you realize that everywhere you look there are animals in all directions; more than 3 million wildebeest and zebras coming together, chasing the rains and looking for green pastures.  The views are breathtaking and no amount of photos or video could ever capture it all!

We’ll also spend six nights upon Africa’s largest mountain, Mt Kilimanjaro.  This amazing hike is not technical and no special gear is needed.  Porters will carry your gear up the mountain in nothing but flip flops or ragged sneakers, singing and whistling the entire way.  Delicious daily meals made from scratch by your private chef will keep you satiated while you make your epic trip to the Top of Africa!

After coming down with your photos and memories to last a lifetime, you’ll have the choice of 5K, Half Marathon, Full Marathon or spectating the 2015 Mt Kilimanjaro Marathon. Running through an African village with Kilimanjaro as a perfect backdrop while village children run alongside you chanting “twendi twendi” (hurry up!) makes for an incredible experience and phenomenal photos.

Adding to the mix, a day with a Masai tribe while we catch a glimpse into their incredible lives, humble homes and stunning surroundings and of course shopping for local, handmade crafts and treasures to take home!  All this in a safe, escorted group atmosphere by yours truly.


I’ve done this trip several times now and it will never grow old or tiring.  These new “walls” that surround my work space are just about as good as they come!

Care to join me on the trip of a lifetime?  You know you’ve made life and bucket lists yourself, whether posted to your fridge or just in your head.  Time to start living them!  

Contact Stephen at [email protected] for more information.

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