About Us

Our History

Dream Travel was founded and named as such because of our dedication to making dreams come true. Yours, and ours. For us, it is truly a dream to be a part of an organization that helps others. We pride ourselves on being a part of the walking and running community which is dedicated to helping people build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We couldn’t be more fortunate! Our dreams have come true, and, we hope that we are a helping hand with making your dreams a reality as well!

Dream Travel’s community is now reaching out even further! We understand that our community isn’t just one town, one Province or one country. Our community is global. We want to do our part in making the dreams of others come true as well. As such, we have created the Dreams program.

Through our Dreams program, Dream Travel is now donating a minimum of 5% of all profit to various local and global charities in need. 5% will be our minimum, not our maximum.

Please visit our site often for updates on our giving program and to learn more about how our clients are helping us make a real difference in the world we live.

Dream Travel is extremely excited to announce that they have donated $10,000 to the Pathfinder Youth Society. Please visit http://www.pathfinderyouthsociety.org/ and see how you can make the difference in a child’s life!

Our Mission Statement

At Dream Travel Canada, our mission is to curate unforgettable experiences for our clients, fueled by our passion for running, exploration, and dedication to personalized service. To us, it’s not just a marathon entry – it’s the key to turning your dream race into reality, hence the name of our company!  With VIP travel experiences, guaranteed access to iconic courses, we strive to create lasting memories, foster connections with our clients, and inspire a sense of wonder in every traveler. Through collaborative partnerships and sustainable practices, we aim to enrich lives, one extraordinary race or journey at a time.

Meet Our Team

Stephen Price

Stephen Price came up with the idea of pairing up a travel agency with running and made that dream into a reality in 2004. He named it Dream Travel as it was his personal dream to run such a business.

Stephen has literally run all over the world including some places he’s not permitted to talk about.  He’s run multiple marathons including Mt Kilimanjaro, The Great Wall of China, Portugal, Iceland, Ireland, Czech Republic, Edmonton, Mississippi and the New York City Marathon 9 times. He also took a crack at the 2008 Gobi March, a 250+ KM ultra but fractured a metarasal around the 105KM mark. He hobbled until 128KM mark before calling it quits but still calls it one of his greatest races.

Born with a ClubFoot and having four subsequent major surgeries, Stephen was told he’d never be able to participate in any sport that included running. He must have forgotten…

He splits his time between Costa Rica, Canada and wherever his next big adventure takes him. He’s fluent in both Spanish and English.

Yumi Massahi

Although Yumi only joined Dream Travel in 2023, she’s been in the business and working with Stephen for about 17 years, so she definitely knows her stuff!

Yumi specializes in all the hard stuff, like booking people to remote places, yet she’s also a whiz at booking cruises and all other vacation travel. She’s also doing most of the work behind the scenes for London, Berlin, Chicago and Sydney!

Jazmín Vargas

Hailing from Costa Rica, Jazmin has been working hard for us since 2016 and handles all of the runDisney events in Florida as well as the Costa Rica tour.  She’s also in charge of the bookkeeping, ads, website, banking and all the things that Stephen doesn’t like to do.  After meeting Stephen, she’s gotten into running and has run races in Disneyland, Disney World as well as the TCS New York City Marathon.

She’s fluent in Spanish and English and has traveled extensively through Asia, the Americas and Europe.  She ran the 2018 TCS New York City Marathon as her first marathon and beat her coach.  Stephen is still in denial.  She’s currently training for the 2024 Paris Marathon.

Jazmin is also mother to adorable twins.

Joseph Sim

Joseph Sim

Born in Scotland, raised in England, living in the US and Canada, Joseph is trying hard to be an international man of mystery, especially because he hides behind a camera most of the time!

Joseph is a professional videographer, photographer, editor, multiple business owner and co-creator of Beyond Limits, a new documentary series coming to a streaming service (hopefully) in 2024.  We’ll keep you updated!

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