A Special Kind of Victory

By Stephen Price 10 years ago
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They say that everything can change in a moment: your plans, your priorities or your luck.   Normally it’s when you least expect it and therefore, for most, it’s unwanted change.  However, when we accept what is and go with the flow, sometimes that change brings us new opportunities.

In my last blog I mentioned a current health struggle.  I just spent this past July and August in Edmonton undergoing some tests and procedures to deal with a tumor.  And, this tumor is what led to a fast decline in my energy levels over the past months and hence inability to continue running.  If nothing else I now know why I felt the way I did, and, I can now properly adjust my future plans.

Part of those plans, I had thought, would be watching this year’s New York City Marathon from the sidelines rather than completing it myself.  However, following scopes, scalpels and um, diapers, I’m pleased to announce that the mass was successfully removed and all follow up tests thus far indicate that I am well on my way to a full recovery!  The NYC Marathon is back on!  It’ll just look a little different than the original plan, and that’s OK!

I’ve made the temporary move back to Barcelona, Spain, and training like I have never trained before:  by walking.

Today marks my second 22K walk around this beautiful city in less than a week.  Being a runner and an avid traveler I typically enjoy exploring foreign destinations by running them, not walking.  However, I’m going with the flow and so far loving it!  Besides, I find that walking takes way less out of a person than running which leaves energy enough to head over to La Rambla afterwards to sit on a patio, sip a sangria and watch the tourists saunter by!


So running is out for a while and walking is in.  It’ll be the same course, the same distance and the same medal at the end; it’ll just take me a few hours longer than the previous 7 times I completed it.  However, crossing that finish line will mark a new sort of victory for me and it will really have very little to do with the marathon at all.

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