Client Portal - 2025 Kilimanjaro

Last updated March 25, 2024

The most important/recent updates, if any, will be listed here.  Everything else will be listed below.

Exact tour dates will be announced in May after the Kilimanjaro indicates when the marathon will be.

NOTE: We won’t have the official tour dates until the Kilimanjaro Marathon announces the 2025 race date, but that is expected sometime in April or May of 2024.

Everyone must arrive no later than the first day of the tour and fly into JRO Kilimanjaro Airport.  However, we highly recommend that you fly in at least one full day early to get over jetlag, in case of a missed/cancelled flight/lost luggage. There are quick day tours from the host hotel.

It is up to each person to ensure they understand and meet their own personal travel requirements, including but not limited to vaccine status, passport validity, travel visas, etc. We will always do our best to guide you, but ultimately it is the responsibility of each traveler to know and have what they require.

PASSPORT – a valid passport is required with at least one blank page for your Tanzanian visa and at least 6 months validity past your return date

– a Tanzanian visa is required for all travelers and you must print off and bring a physical hardcopy of your visa to Tanzania for entry.

A single entry visa is sufficient for Canadians unless you plan to depart and return to Tanzania (Zanzibar is part of Tanzania). Travelers holding an American passport require a double entry visa even if you only enter Tanzania once during your trip.

Visas can be obtained online and typically take 6 – 14 business days to obtain, but please request it between 45 and 60 days prior to arrival.  Your passport needs at least 6 month’s validity past your entry into Tanzania for it to be accepted, and you need at least one blank page in your passport for the visa. Ensure this is the case before you apply for your visa.  You will also need to have your flights booked prior to applying.
Those wishing to visit Zanzibar after the main itinerary will need to list Moshi as your first destination within Tanzania when applying for the visa.
You may be able to obtain a visa upon arrival, however it is recommended to get this ahead of time as their staff may not be working when you arrive, or lineups may be very long.
Please click here for information regarding your visa.
Please click here to apply for your visa.

– Anyone hiking Kilimanjaro and/or going to Zanzibar is required by the Government of Tanzania to have valid medical insurance.  We are not permitted to coach travelers on policies, so please call your travel insurance provider or use our group insurance company listed below. Ensure that you let them know if you are hiking Kilimanjaro (altitude of 5895m) and that it is a non-technical hike.

– At the moment there are no required vaccines to enter Tanzania unless you are traveling or have traveled through a country/area with Yellow Fever.  If this is the case, the Yellow Fever vaccine or exemption card is required.  Please note that occasionally Tanzania will update their Yellow Fever requirements so please watch this webpage closely.

All clients must send a screenshot or copy of their flight ticket as we need to book your airport transfers.

The Honey Badger Lodge is our host hotel.

You will need to bring a hardcopy of your visa to Tanzania.

Please apply for your visa between To apply for your Tanzanian Visa.

Each runner must bring their race confirmation form (digital or printed) to Tanzania to collect their race bib as well as a form of identification (passport, drivers license).

A Dream Travel rep will be at the host hotel while you are hiking Kilimanjaro and will accompany you during the safari.

In case of an emergency only, you can call us on the office cell number which will be provided a few days before your arrival in Tanzania.

If it is not an emergency, please email.

Required and Recommended Items to Bring
Hiking Kilimanjaro can mean going up in shorts all the way to the summit, or freezing temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius on Summit Day.  You need to be prepared for any weather, so please read through this list carefully:

Required Items For Kilimanjaro

Duffle Bag or large backpack (not a suitcase) for your gear that the porters will carry up.
Small backpack (30-40 liter) which you will carry with your camera, snacks, space for a jacket, etc.
Broken in hiking boots
-20 to -30 degrees rated sleeping bag (-20 degrees bag may be rented locally)
Winter pants                                             (May be rented locally)
Winter jacket                                            (May be rented locally)
Warm upper body layers
Head lamp
Water Purification Tablets
Sealable plastic bags for keeping your clothes dry
Thermos Bottle to prevent your water from freezing
Rain cover For your backpack
Rain poncho
Items to Strongly Consider for Kilimanjaro
Inflatable mattress (a mattress will be provided, but extra padding is ideal)
Hiking poles (can be rented locally)
Gators to keep your pants dry/clean
Waterproof outer gloves
Sun glasses
Gel-activated hand warmers
Fleece pants
Thermal underwear
Water bottle
Lip balm
Battery pack
Power bars, gels and snacks
Electrolyte powder in its original packaging
*talk to your doctor about Diamox for altitude sickness prevention
Items to Strongly Consider for the Safari
Your clothing should be comfortable, light in color (grey, white, etc) and breathable.  Smart wool is fantastic and would also work as your base layer on Kilimanjaro.  You should consider shorts and t-shirts, but bring something to cover arms and legs if necessary. Do not wear bright colors as this will scare some animals and attract others.
Anti-malarial meds are recommended – Talk to your doctor
Garbage bags large enough to cover your luggage in order to keep them dust free while on safari.
Bug spray
Hat Should be something that will cover the back of your neck.
Sweater and long pants for the cooler evenings
Items to Consider Bringing While at the Honey Badger Lodge
As they have a pool, consider bringing a bathing suit.
Flip flops
Playing cards
Things NOT to Bring on this trip
Perfumes or strong-scented products; bright colored clothing.

As we are on location for this trip, we are unable to book your flights as we are not able to assist if/when there is a flight change or cancellation.

Arrive Early
If you are able to, we highly recommend that you land in Tanzania at least one full day early. This is because you may experience a flight delay or cancellation and will arrive late, therefore missing the hike. Because this is a group hike, and because of the tight schedule, we can not delay the start of the hike. It is the responsibility of each traveler to arrive on time or early.

Airport Transfers
Everyone will be picked up at the JRO Kilimanjaro Airport upon arrival. Please ensure that we have your up to date arrival flight number and time. We will confirm your departure details in Tanzania.

DATA PLAN / SIM CARDS – Be sure to turn your data off while departing Canada as you can rack up significant charges within minutes of arriving in Tanzania, even with an overseas plan.

Instead of paying your telephone company for a plan while traveling, consider that you can purchase a local sim card in Tanzania for around US$20 for your entire trip!  Or,  eSims (Airlo) are available for most new phones, which can be purchased before arriving in Tanzania so that you will be connected as soon as you land.

SMALL BILLS in USD – Some US$5 and US$10 bills are handy to have for tips if you decide to go to a restaurant or want to tip your airport driver, etc.

RENTAL EQUIPMENT – Sleeping bags, hiking poles, winter jackets and pants, gators and more can be rented locally to avoid having to bring it with you. A full list will be sent out to each person well in advance, then again about 2 months prior to departure when we’ll need to know exactly what you require.

THE RACES – Everyone will have four options on Race Day:
Option 1 – 5K.  It is a fun, but challenging 5K. Many Tanzanian’s register just to walk this race and will sing along most of the route.

Option 2 – Half Marathon. The route for this event includes a 10K uphill and a 10K downhill. The uphill isn’t that steep, but it is a challenging race that offers views of Kilimanjaro. The downhill is brilliant and you can make up whatever time you lost going up the hill.

Option 3 – Full Marathon. The route for this event also includes the 10K uphill and downhill like the half marathon and therefore is also challenging, but is also a wonderful race!

Each year our runners love these races despite the challenging courses, especially when you smile at and wave over the Tanzanian children who will then accompany you while running, sometimes running as much as 30K with you!  And will do so in flipflops or barefoot!

Option 4 – Relax! You have the option to sleep in and then hangout poolside and sip cold drinks if you prefer.

Due to road closures for the race, our group bus will depart at 4:30AM sharp from the Honey Badger Lodge.

All races will most-likely sell out and early, so decide early what distance you want to run as you may not be able to change it later.

You will be staying at the Honey Badger Lodge upon arrival, between the hike and safari and again at the end of the trip.  This is a highly rated, rustic lodge that has a pool, bar and great restaurant.

Breakfast is included at this property, lunch and dinner are not included.
You can eat at the host hotel or go into Moshi as there are a few great options there.
This property does not offer AC, but all rooms have fans which are typically sufficient. Remember, however, that you’ll be coming from very cold weather in Canada and landing in a warm country, so it will take a few days to acclimatize.