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It’s pretty amazing when you’re considered for a Guinness World Record, but what about actually winning two of them and then gunning for a third?  That’s just one thing that Pamela Bottos has been up to the past few years!

We love inspiring runners – hence why we include them in every newsletter – but we especially love people that have a higher hill to climb, a tougher road to travel, and yet crush all expectations!  They inspire us to keep going, to push harder, to stop with the excuses.  Pamela is clearly in that category and we’re grateful to introduce you to her here.  

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DTC – What’s your biggest running achievement?
PB – Qualifying 3 x for Boston and my 2 Guinness World Records. I am the fastest female tv character (half marathon). I dressed as Lucille Ball at the Toronto Scotiabank Marathon in 2018. I wanted to do something special for my 50th birthday. I am also the fastest female wearing a dirndl dress (Bavarian style dress) (marathon) at the Berlin Marathon 2023. I will be attempting my 3rd record in London. I hope to be the fastest female wearing a sailor outfit (marathon).

DTC – How many races have you run?
PB – I have been running for a long time and can’t keep track of 10k’s and my half’s anymore. I have run the Around the Bay Race, 30km, in Hamilton, ON 15 times. London will be my 16 marathon.

DTC – Have you had any major obstacles in life you’ve had to overcome?
PB – My life has been wonderful. I have been married for 30 years to a supportive husband. Our girls are now 23 and 25. We own a construction company and being self employed keeps us very busy. Finding the time and energy to train can be challenging! My husband races dirt bikes as well. We are able to cross train together. Mountain biking, weight training and yoga with him makes me a better runner.

DTC – What’s your favorite running destination?
PB – I am attempting to run the Abbott World Majors Series. London and Tokyo left! Chicago, New York, Boston and Berlin have been so cool to visit and run through. Boston is my most memorable marathon. It took a lot of work to qualify for and was so rewarding. I have run Boston twice and would love a hat trick!

DTC –  What’s your favorite distance to run?
PB – The half. The older I get, the more the half challenges me to keep my pace.

DTC – Do you have any race day superstitions or habits?
PB – Would you be a runner without some? I have to have my race day banana or my world falls apart. I also remember my loved ones who have passed away and tell them all that I am counting on their angel energy to help me along the way.

DTC – What’s your favorite race and why?
PB – Around the Bay. Love the Bay, hate the Bay, either way I run the Bay! The oldest road race in North America and its right in my city! The 30km course is harder than any marathon I have done. The last 10km is a series of rolling hills, the last hill is the toughest. Hence the name, heartbreak hill. I love the traditions and rituals along the route. The training throughout the winter is tough, real tough. Race day is March 24!

DTC – What’s your biggest non-running achievement?
PB – I left home very young. I worked full time and went to school on my own. I taught aerobics, was a head cashier, sold custom t-shirts to get by. I took every opportunity I could get. It wasn’t an easy road, but I kept going. Creating the life I wanted to live. That’s my greatest achievement.

DTC – When did you start running?
PB – I have always run since I was in grade school. Track and Field, cross country. I was on and off for years. I raced mountain bikes in my 20’s and took up running again to cross train. Then I had my first daughter and running was easier to fit into my day than biking. Both my daughters run and I think its from all the running I did while I was pregnant. Its in their blood!

DTC – Was there a specific reason you started to run?  or, why do you run?
PB – I continue to run and am beyond grateful to be a lifelong runner. It’s a great life! I love the friends and community that I have made through running.

DTC – What’s the biggest tip you can offer other runners?
PB – Run with passion. Immerse yourself into your running. Make goals and run your heart out achieving them!

DTC – Is there anything else you want to share, either personally or regarding your running?
PB – Running has brought me such joy and passion for living. I hope that my perspiration provides some inspiration and gets others moving too!

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